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August 2017 Issue


2016 – 2017 Advertising Opportunities

cfb_image_cropEpic News+Data will build on the success of Fuel Marketer News Magazine with the use of mobile- and web-enabled applications to further deliver motor fuels industry news and events in convenient and timely formats, and by expanding its readership to include commercial buyers of motor fuels through the new Commercial Fuel Buyer magazine. EPIC’s core duty to the marketplace is to continually support its readership with relevant news and timely information.

Commercial Fuel Buyer magazine will focus primarily on fleet operators and transportation companies, reaching the decision makers in commercial, industrial and government fleets who are looking for solutions to reduce fuel costs and increase efficiencies in their fleet operations. Just like Fuel Marketer News, we offer a website, weekly e-newsletter and print magazine.


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For rates and information, contact Greg Mosho, Vice President Sales.

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