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August 2017 Issue



gbevers_photo_recentGary D. Bevers, Publisher and Founder

Gary Bevers has 30 years’ experience in product and market development for innovative e-supply chain marketing and logistics solutions designed to increase downstream petroleum distribution efficiencies. His firm focuses on systems and logistics support projects that help companies drive sales and operations more efficiently, especially online.

Bevers developed internet-based e-business solutions for TETRA Technologies for oil and gas, and handled product marketing for Exxon Chemical where he received their PRIME Marketing Award of Excellence in 1996. He also published National Petroleum News (NPN) magazine and Fuel Oil News, covering every sector of the downstream wholesale, commercial, transportation and retail markets.

Bevers’ knowledge of the petroleum industry and integrating “real-world” operational processes into e-business solutions, combined with his ability to separate the technology “wheat from the chaff,” have made him a popular speaker at industry conferences.

He has spoken at API/PIDX, NPRA, eMerging B2B Markets, eProComm, NACS, SIGMA, PMAA, ILTA, NPECA, CIOMA, NPGA, OPIS, Solarc, FuelQuest, Pinnacle, PDI, Factor, Meridian’s Focus on Finance and Focus on Practical Technology as well as numerous Petroleum Technology conferences around the country.


Greg-P15-Head-Shot-smGregory J. Mosho, VP Sales and Founder

Greg Mosho brings over 20 years of hands-on sales, advertising, marketing, publishing and business development experience to Commercial Fuel Buyer. With over nine years of being directly involved in the downstream petroleum industry, he has worked with vendors covering the complete range of equipment and services providers for refiners, terminal storage and bulk plants, trucking transportation, technology and logistics as well as wholesale and retail marketers.

While at OPIS, Greg introduced a number of new and successful publications and advertising products, and was instrumental in opening up a number of new market segments for OPIS products. Greg traveled extensively for OPIS—and was often the “face” of OPIS—being the only OPIS contact at many industry events, including SIGMA, NAFA, GasMart, NACS, LDC, ILTA, FEW, AREE, ATA, WPMA, POC, RFA, MPACT, NACStech, TCA, NISTM, Federal Fleet Show, NATSO, TMC, Mid-America Truck Show, National Biodiesel Board Show and Great West Truck Show.

Greg has successfully promoted B2B publications for UCG, parent company of OPIS and Affinity Publishing.


photo-150Keith Reid, Editorial Director and Partner

In 1999, Keith began working at National Petroleum News (NPN) magazine and steadily worked his way up from Staff Editor to Managing Editor to Editor-in-Chief in 2007. His starting year, he won an award for his feature on MTBE. In 2007, he also became Editor-in-Chief of Fuel Oil News. From among hundreds of industry-related articles, he notably covered the rise of hypermarket competitors, speculation in oil commodities, the move of the Majors out of retail, zone pricing, numerous areas of equipment and technology, business diversification, legislation and regulation. During his tenure at NPN, his article on price modeling made it into the official Congressional Record.