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August 2017 Issue

Editorial Statement

Commercial Fuel Buyer works to provide the highest quality motor fuels editorial content for commercial end-users of motor fuels. Editorial integrity is a cornerstone of this effort. The core content will be as unbiased as possible, though a clearly identified perspective will be offered where appropriate. Opposing viewpoints are always welcome. Our goal is to be a partner with and for the motor fuels marketplace.

Offered below are the areas of editorial and data content that will drive the partnership.

Daily Fuel Price Data: Commercial Fuel Buyer will shortly be presenting the EPIC Fuel Gauge, which is a snapshot of key markets with retail pricing and indexes. Where commercial fuel buyers benefit from price transparency by improving proficiency with lower transaction costs, sellers benefit by delivering fuels at a price based on an EPIC Index.

Major Staff Features: The topic matter for these in-depth features will run the full gamut of issues of interest to the industry, from major legislative and regulatory developments to emerging trends in fueling equipment and business operations.

Regular Columnists: Commercial Fuel Buyer continues to develop relationships with a range of notable industry figures in areas ranging from fuel supply/commodity management to business management and operations.

Guest Columnists: Occasionally, industry leaders are driven to provide our audience with their insight on critical national issues or important operational considerations. We will gladly provide them with that platform as long as the content they provide serves the needs of our audience and meets our editorial guidelines.

The NEWS: As a partner in the industry, Commercial Fuel Buyer is excited to receive and disseminate the range of industry news to its audience. This includes regulation and legislation that impacts your operations, the latest announcements of new fueling equipment and technology, what’s happening with leading companies in the industry, personnel changes and changes of ownership. If something is going on, we definitely want to hear about it—and if it passes our basic editorial guidelines, we will pass it along to our audience.