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August 2017 Issue

About Us

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Commercial Fuel Buyer is the industry’s newest information source for fuel pricing, market news and education. Focused primarily on fleet operators and transportation companies, Commercial Fuel Buyer will reach the decision makers in commercial, industrial and government fleets who are looking for solutions to reduce fuel costs and increase efficiencies in their fleet operations. Brought to you from the publisher and editors of Fuel Marketer News, Commercial Fuel Buyer encompasses a content rich online web magazine, weekly e-newsletter and event-focused print magazines. It will influence truck fleets and transportation companies you want to reach with your sales message.

In addition to covering the latest news in the industry, there will be in-depth coverage of topics that impact your success and profitability, including:

  • Fuel pricing and market data
  • Issues and trends related to conventional and alternative fuels
  • Equipment and technology, including tanks, dispensers, meters, security, monitoring and regulation—plus much more
  • Fleet management trends, concepts, parts and consumables, technology and best practices to help keep you competitive
  • Vehicle and engine development, from conventional to alternatives to keep you informed on future fuels trends

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